Promoting First Relationships: A program for service providers to help parents and other caregivers nurture young children’s social and emotional development.

By Jean F. Kelly, PhD, Tracy G. Zuckerman, PsyD, Diana Sandoval, MS, and Kim Buehlman, MA, of the Department of Family and Child Nursing at the University of Washington, Seattle.

The Promoting First Relationships Curriculum covers issues critical to supporting and guiding caregivers in building nurturing and responsive relationships with children, including:

  • Theoretical foundations of social and emotional development in early childhood (birth to 5 years)
  • Consultation strategies for working with parents and other caregivers
  • Elements of a healthy relationship
  • Promoting the development of trust and security in infancy
  • Promoting healthy development of self during toddlerhood
  • Understanding and intervening with children’s challenging behaviors
  • Developing intervention plans for children and caregivers
  • Individualizing Promoting First Relationships for your setting

Curriculum Materials

Program materials include a 155 page book based on the concepts of attachment theory with 20 reproducible color handouts to be used with parents and childcare providers. Third Edition, 2016.

Social-Emotional Cards

A set of illustrated cards with examples of how caregivers can meet, in everyday interactions, the ten social-emotional needs of infants and toddlers.  Also available in SPANISH.

Parent / Caregiver Book

This book gives parents and other primary caregivers (child care providers, grandparents, close family and friends) practical information about how to support their young child’s social and emotional growth. Learn how your day-to-day interactions with your child directly shape their thoughts and feelings about who they are and what to expect from others. This book will help you appreciate how you are already nurturing your child’s development and also give you ideas of what else you might try.

Promoting First Relationships in Pediatrics E-Learning Course

This e-learning course is designed to help providers and members of the multidisciplinary care team learn how to nurture and support the parent-child relationship during everyday clinic interactions with families and children.

This course includes 30 videos of parent-child interactions to help participants see and feel the elements of responsive caregiving. Parent Handouts, Provider Tip Sheets and PFR Connecting Strategy Sheets for Well Care Visits through age 2 are included.

Promoting First Relationships in Pediatrics

Promoting First Relationships in Pediatrics helps providers support stable and secure early parent-child relationships. The curriculum includes a 112 page manual and a USB flash drive with 15 reproducible parent handouts for well-child visits across the first 3 years.