Randomized Controlled Trials

Several Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT) studies have been conducted using the Promoting First Relationships program across a broad range of populations:

Four Randomized Clinical Trials (RCT) have been completed with PFR: two in child welfare populations Fostering Families Project (FFP [1]: N = 210) and Supporting Parents Program (SPP [7]: N = 247); one within an American Indian tribe, Beginning Relationships, (N = 34) [18]; and one with a perinatal population with Spanish and English-speaking mothers who have a mental health diagnosis, Mom and Baby Program (N = 254) [19].

PFR significantly improved:

  • Observed parental sensitivity in all four studies [1,7,18,19], Effect size Cohen’s d = .21 – 1.21
  • Parent knowledge of child social and emotional needs [1,5,7,18,19], Cohen’s d = .20 – .58
  • Child behavior, security [1,5,7,8,19] and sleep [3,12], Cohen’s d = .19 – 1.18
  • Prevented foster care placement by 2.5 times [7]
  • Improved permanency for children in foster care [2]
  • Improved stress physiology [4,9] and improved social attention in children at risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders [16].

Two other RCT’s are current in field with diverse populations including American Indians and reunified birth families.

Reference list for publications regarding Promoting First Relationships:

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Fostering Families Project 2005-2010

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Supporting Parents Program 2010-2015

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Sibling Study

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Beginning Relationships 2012-2017

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Mom and Baby Study 2015-2020

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