Randomized Controlled Trials

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Randomized Controlled Trials

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Several Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT) studies have been conducted using the Promoting First Relationships program across a broad range of populations:

  • Two RCT’s have been conducted with PFR in child welfare populations. The first is Fostering Families Project (FFP: N = 210). The second is Supporting Parents Program (SPP: N = 247).
  • One RCT with siblings of children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum in the Sib Study (SIBS).
  • Two RCT studies in rural tribal communities: Beginning Relationships (completed) and Miwe Project (in field).
  • One RCT with mothers (Spanish and English speaking) who have been treated for depression during pregnancy (the focus will be to serve infants birth to three months of age) is in progress.

Reference list for publications regarding Promoting First Relationships® :

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Fostering Families Project 2005-2010

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Supporting Parents Program 2010-2015

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Sibling Study

Jones, E. J., Dawson, G., Kelly, J., Estes, A., & Webb, S. J. (2017). Parent‐delivered early intervention in infants at risk for ASD: Effects on electrophysiological and habituation measures of social attention. Autism Research10(5), 961-972.

Beginning Relationships

Booth-LaForce, C., Oxford, M., Barbosa-Leiker, C., Burduli, D., and Buchwald, D., (in press). Randomized Controlled Trial of the Promoting First Relationships® Preventive Intervention for Primary Caregivers and Toddlers in an American Indian Community. Prevention Science21(1), 98-108.