“Nurturing parents and caregivers to nurture
their young children”

Jean F. Kelly, PhD
Founding Director

What providers say about us

PFR has given me a way to link the science of what children need to the art of parenting. I see this as the key to everything I have wanted to do in my career in early childhood education. –Educator


Promoting First Relationships is such a different way of working with families. In particular for CPS involved families, it may be the first time that someone has ever really noticed that they are doing well and celebrated this. –Social Worker

Social Worker

I found that PFR gave me a language to talk to parents about their children’s needs. I have found a new way of spending my time with families – this has totally changed the way I will work with families in the future. –Early Intervention Provider

Early Intervention Provider

PFR has made a huge difference for my families. It has made our relationship (provider and parent) stronger and better. –Social Worker

Social Worker