Level 2: Skill Building

What will be covered during Level 2 Certified Provider Training?

Participants receive 15 weeks of online mentoring with a Promoting First Relationships® Master trainer to develop the skills to become certified in our evidence-based home visiting model.

  • During the first 5 weeks, learners will view professionally filmed Promoting First Relationships® (PFR) intervention sessions with caregivers (parents and child care providers) and young children (infant, toddler, special needs). The videos were developed and narrated by Dr. Jean Kelly, PFR founder. After viewing two videos at a time, learners meet weekly in pair groups with their PFR master trainer to reflect on the filmed sessions and the PFR infant mental health essentials.
  • During the next 10 weeks, learners will be mentored individually each week as they intervene with caregiver/child dyads at their own sites. Sessions will include reflection on videos of the dyadic interactions that learners upload to a secure website, and discussion about how to implement the PFR concepts and consultation strategies.
  • Learners will record a full PFR session of themselves working with a caregiver/child dyad to demonstrate fidelity to the model and become a Certified PFR provider.
  • PFR Learner Workshop
  • Access to a computer with high speed internet connection and webcam
  • Video recording equipment to record the caregiver-child interaction sessions during the second 10 weeks, and to view these videos with the caregiver
What do Providers Say?

“The Promoting First Relationships program has been the most relevant technique I have learned to help parents promote their child’s development.”

“Learning PFR has changed my ‘Way of Being’. I am more reflective since slowing down the process, and becoming more aware of relating and affirming.”

  • $2750 per person when training as part of a pair group. Includes 15 contact hours with a PFR master trainer, and the initial fidelity certification fee. ($3300 if trainee is not part of a pair group)
  • $150 Supplemental materials including BabyCues video, cards, handout; social-emotional cards, caregiver intro video
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Contact PFR Director, Jennifer Rees, rees@uw.edu with questions or to learn more.