PFR 2-Day Workshop

Promoting First Relationships program integrates theory, practice and intervention. Trainers use various learning approaches including case studies, role-playing, and reflective dialogue. These approaches allow participants to apply the framework directly to issues faced in their work environment. Professionals who work with caregivers and young children (0-3) often see the need to support and guide caregivers in building nurturing and responsive relationships with children. Promoting First Relationships gives professionals the knowledge, tools, and strategies to do so.

In this 2-day workshop, participants learn a unique consultation and intervention strategy they can integrate into their work whether in high risk, special needs, child care, or other early childhood fields. The strategy can be used one-on-one with parents (in clinic or the home) and also with child care providers and early childhood teachers responsible for group care. Because Promoting First Relationships is a positive, strengths-based model, caregivers are open to the intervention and gain competence, and thus investment, in their caregiving.

To register, go to Parent-Child Relationship Programs at the Barnard Center