Community Distance Learning Training

During the first 5 weeks, trainees will view professionally filmed PFR sessions with caregivers (parents and child care providers) and young children (infant, toddler, special needs). The videos were developed and narrated by Dr. Jean Kelly, PFR director. After viewing two videos at a time, master trainers and trainees will meet weekly on-line to reflect on the filmed sessions and the PFR infant mental health essentials.

The curriculum includes the following elements:

  • Elements of a Healthy Relationship;
  • Attachment Theory and Secure Relationships;
  • Reflective Capacity Building;
  • Development of Self for Infants and Toddlers;
  • PFR Consultation Strategies; Challenging Behaviors; and
  • Intervention Planning.

During the next 10 weeks, trainees will be mentored by a PFR master trainer weekly on-line as they implement PFR with caregiver/child dyads at their own sites. Sessions will include reflection on videos of the dyadic interactions that trainees upload to a secure website, and discussion about how to implement the PFR concepts and consultation strategies.

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