Academic Training

Level 2: PFR class

Each Autumn Quarter, the course NSG 538 Using Infant Mental Health Approaches in Practice Settings: Promoting First Relationships is offered through the School of Nursing via Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) . This class is mandatory for IMH Graduate Certificate Students but it is also open (with instructor approval) to non-Certificate students interested in taking a course as a single course enrollee.

This 3-credit hybrid distance course consists of a 2-day, in-person training on the UW campus followed by 10 weeks of distance learning using articles, training DVDs and discussion forums. Training DVDs allow students the opportunity to witness multiple providers using PFR with different families as well as in child care.

Level 3: Certificate Program: PFR Pathway

For a broader knowledge base and more applied training experience, you may apply to the PFR Pathway in the Graduate Certificate Program in Infant Mental Health. This 2-year, part-time multi-disciplinary program provides a year of foundational coursework in infant mental health (including the course NSG 538 above) as well as a year of mentored, community-based, clinical practicum experience in PFR and weekly reflective practice group.

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Contact: Colleen O. Dillon, PhD,, for more information on PFR training within the Graduate Certificate Program in Infant Mental Health.